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Tradingeye v6.1 Security Updates

Due to the recent security vulnerabilities found in the eCommerce software Tradingeye, we are offering existing users a support option to apply a number of patches to help secure the user inputs in a more suitable method so as to not cause further problems within the administration area.

We will need to charge £30 + VAT to cover the time to download your files, make the changes, update the main admin password if necessary, and run a quick test over the site. There are no guarantees that these fixes will solve all security problems within the software, however it will go some way to providing a better level of security than the current version has.

If you wish to hire us to make these changes then please contact us with the following details:

  1. Site URL
  2. Invoice name and address
  3. FTP username and password
  4. Tradingeye username and password ONLY IF your password contains any of the following characters ‘ ” < > =

We will require payment before any work commences. We will initially give you an estimated date for the day which the work can be completed however this will not be secured until payment is received.