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Server Security

In order to keep the data on your server secure our firewall tracks the number of failed login attempts users make when accessing FTP, email, and control panels in order to prevent malicious logins. If you attempt to login with incorrect details too many times the firewall will block your current IP and you will no longer be able to access any site on the server, nor any service associated with any account.

In order to prevent this you must ensure that you only attempt to login with the correct details at all times. If you are blocked by the firewall you will need to contact us, or your reseller1, and provide account details along with your IP number so that the block can lifted. Please note that we do not accept any liability for losses a user makes as a result of their getting themselves blocked from their account, and we advise resellers to similarly not accept any liability.

  1. We will only respond directly to our own clients. If you have purchased hosting through a reseller then that reseller is your point of contact at all times and the reseller will contact us on your behalf. Please be aware that we will not make any exceptions to this rule, under any circumstances, as we have no means of verifying the identity of our resellers’ clients.