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User Account Security and DSA Media Status & Support Site Update

In an effort to provide maximum security for our clients, DSA Media uses a firewall to help protect the websites that we host. (Please also see our previous security notice below which also relates to this issue.)

One of the functions of the firewall is to check the log-in attempts made by users to ensure that only those users who have the correct permission can access secure areas of our hosting, such as control panels, FTP accounts and email accounts. We believe that this has so far proved successful, and has resulted in the blacklisting of IP addresses relating to numerous malicious access attempts. However, recently we have had several legitimate users who have found themselves unable to access their websites or secure hosting features as a consequence of themselves being blacklisted by the firewall.

In order to prevent this from happening it is essential that users only attempt to access their accounts using the correct details. If a user makes a number of repeated attempts to access any secure region of their hosting account the server firewall will automatically take action against them, and treat them as if they were a hacker. This is the expected and correct action for the firewall to take as it is unable to distinguish a legitimate user from a malicious one if neither enters correct access details.

If account holders do find themselves unable to access either their website or any secure features of their hosting account they will need to contact DSA Media for us to investigate the matter. In order for us to do that quickly and efficiently it is essential that users present us with sufficient information as early as possible. The minimum we require is:

  • The user’s IP address;
  • A tracert from the user’s computer;
  • Confirmation that the user cannot access either their own website, or ours at www.dsamedia.co.uk;
  • Any error codes/messages displayed within their web browser, or other software, that relates to the failure;
  • Any other information that the user feels is relevant and may help to diagnoset their connection problem (bearing in mind that the firewall may not be the cause of their issue).

In order to make it easier for users to find and supply the information that we require as quickly as possible, we have updated our Status Site to include a TraceRT tutorial and a support request form.

All users experiencing problems with connecting to the services that we provide them with should use this form as the first line of contact. Users who try to contact us via any other method, or who do not supply sufficient information with which to diagnose their problem efficiently, may find that their support request is delayed. DSA Media will not accept any responsibility for delays to support provision under these circumstances.

In addition to the updates to our support site we have also updated our terms and conditions to reflect the change in dealing with connection support issues. Our terms & conditions can be found at www.dsamedia.co.uk/terms.php (hosting terms, section 7).

Server Security

In order to keep the data on your server secure our firewall tracks the number of failed login attempts users make when accessing FTP, email, and control panels in order to prevent malicious logins. If you attempt to login with incorrect details too many times the firewall will block your current IP and you will no longer be able to access any site on the server, nor any service associated with any account.

In order to prevent this you must ensure that you only attempt to login with the correct details at all times. If you are blocked by the firewall you will need to contact us, or your reseller1, and provide account details along with your IP number so that the block can lifted. Please note that we do not accept any liability for losses a user makes as a result of their getting themselves blocked from their account, and we advise resellers to similarly not accept any liability.

  1. We will only respond directly to our own clients. If you have purchased hosting through a reseller then that reseller is your point of contact at all times and the reseller will contact us on your behalf. Please be aware that we will not make any exceptions to this rule, under any circumstances, as we have no means of verifying the identity of our resellers’ clients.