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Supporting the Spider-Ede Appeal

The Spider-Ede Appeal - DIPG Awareness A month ago today we received devastating news about the health of our 3 year old great niece. After suffering with severe headaches for several months, she was given an MRI scan and a brain tumour was discovered on her brain stem, inoperable due to its location. A further scan at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool gave the consultants a view to state they were 95% sure it was a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an aggressive type of tumour that most commonly affects children, and sadly untreatable in this country.

After getting over the shock of this and discovering that there were potential life saving options abroad, a plan was put into action. To get her accepted onto a treatment program in Monterray, Mexico, and raise £300,000 to cover the costs for the next year. A hugely daunting task, but one that her close family and friends have taken and run with. It’s hit the hearts of many already as this is just an innocent child having barely started to live her life, with so much love and happiness to give. She’s just several months younger than our own twins which I think makes the whole thought even more scary and upsetting.

We have set up and sponsored a website for news, updates, links and information on their journey, at the Spider-Ede Appeal. There are also links to social media and ways to help donate below:

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